Support for collaborations in DLN - cross-project activities

We are announcing the opportunity for applications to our cross-project activity call - open-ended. See details below.

The possibility of harvesting synergies between projects and exchange of competence is one of the benefits of being part of DLN. Our cross-project activity support is one way to take advantage of this. Examples of such activities could be exchange of competence, methods, small pilot projects, workshops, research visits etc. This is also a good opportunity to involve researchers and postdocs in the project. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are looking for suggestions!

For activities involving two DLN projects, up to NOK 50 000,- can be applied for, but additional NOK 20 000,- can be included for each additional DLN project involved. Depending on the total amount of money applied for in the centre, we may need to prioritize or adjust the support for each granted application. Applications involving only one DLN project will not be supported.

The application form contains a template to fill in the required information. The application needs to include information about the involved projects and contact persons, the type of activity applied for, the motivation and a description of the activities planned, including how the projects will contribute/benefit and a tentative time line for the execution of the activity. The application should also include a tentative budget. The activity should be completed by the end of 2020. All participating projects must agree on the application. Use the following on-line form for the application.

After completing the activity a brief report stating the use of the funding and outcome should be sent to the WG4 coordinator ( In addition, a blog post about the activity should be communicated on our web site.


Rune Kleppe

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