Apply for event support from Centre for Digital Life Norway

Are you planning a conference, a course, an event with invited speakers etc. this fall?

Projects associated with Centre for Digital Life Norway are invited to apply for funds for financing various events. 

Application form:

Please read the instructions on this web page carefully before you fill out the application form.

Costs that can be covered

Each applicant may receive a maximum of NOK 75,000. 

Note that working hours should not be included in the budget.The support may for example be used to hire a venue, filming of the event, refreshments or travel and accommodation for speakers etc. 

Evaluation of applications

After the application deadline Centre for Digital Life Norway will evaluate the applications.

Your application will not receive support:

  • if the budget is not specified
  • if the event is not open
  • if the event is a regular departmental event in lieu of faculty or departmental funding
  • if employees in the project do not have real influence on the event

All applicants will receive a response within one month after the application deadline.

Applicants that are funded must submit a report to Centre for Digital Life Norway within three months after the event.

Visibility of support

The support from Centre for Digital Life Norway must be made visible on the event's website and/or elsewhere.

Centre for Digital Life Norway will in turn inform about the event in the event calendars and newsletters. Those who receive support, are encouraged to write a blog post about the event that will be posted on the web pages of Centre for Digital Life Norway.

Questions can be sent to

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