NorMIC Workshop on Biological Optical Microscopy


University of Oslo


7-10 May 2019

Application procedures

Register here
You will need to write a short abstract of current work/project/motivation no longer than 300 words when you register. There is a limited capacity for participants, and selected candidates will receive confirmation in early April. Members of the research school can note their membership in the invoice field, as the workshop is free of charge for you.

Content of the workshop

The NorMIC Oslo Imaging Platform is organizing a four-day workshop on Biological Optical Microscopy. The aim of the workshop is to teach both theoretical and practical aspects of current optical microscopy techniques for life science researchers.

The workshop consists of both theory lectures and practical sessions .

Topics to be covered
  • Widefield contrasting techniques
  • Point scanning/spinning disk confocal
  • Super-resolution microscopy (SIM, SMLM, Rescan, STED)
  • SPIM, 
  • F-tecniques (FRET/FRAP/FLIM)
  • Non-linear microscopy
  • CLEM principle
  • Interferometry
  • Fluorescence & dyes
  • Sample preparation
  • Basic image processing
  • Aberrations & artifacts.
Confirmed faculty

Rainer Heintzmann, Jena, Germany
Felix Margadant, Singapore
Ping Ching Cheng, Buffalo, USA
Kay Schink, Oslo
Jonas Øgaard, Oslo
Jens Wohlmann, Oslo
Frode Skjeldal, UiO,
Linda Haugen, UiO
Xian Hu (Edna), Singapore and Oslo
Oddmund Bakke, Oslo.  


Registration Fee: 3000 NOK (Lunch and Coffee Breaks included)
Digital Life Norway Research School covers course fee + travel and accommodation for our members.

Apply for travel grant


Regarding the workshop: Please contact Edna:
Regarding travel grants (or related matters) from Digital Life Norway Research School: Please contact Liv:

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