Support for digital life Norway projects

As member of the Centre for Digital Life Norway, remember to work with the centre coordinators to develop your projects with regard to data management, cross-disciplinary and cross-projects activities, innovation, industry collaboration and responsible research and innovation (RRI). You may also apply for financial support from the centre for cross-project activities, events, innovation and data management, and we have an overview of relevant funding from the Research Council of Norway and other sources.

pictures of the coordinatorsKorbinian Bösl, Kari M. Ersland, Alexandra Patriksson, Beate Rygg Johnsen, and Anders Braarud Hanssen

Support from coordinators

This is the support that we offer within the different areas. Please contact the coordinators directly if you have any questions.

Data management

Coordinator: Korbinian Bösl,

  • Help on writing DMPs 
  • Guidance on metadata standards, data deposition and data formats 
  • Training and support for the DM-platform SEEK/FAIRdomhub 
  • Guidance on selecting storage and computing platforms; including GDPR considerations 
  • Projects can apply to become part of the BioMedData PAL network and profit from direct interaction with DM experts from research infrastructures 
  • Funding to support projects on data management, application deadline 1 December

References – projects with support from data management:
dCod 1.0, BioZEment 2.0, DigiSal and DigiBrain 

Cross-disciplinary & cross-project activities

Coordinator: Kari M. Ersland,

  • Creating platforms for transdisciplinary activities through workshops and meetings 
  • Facilitate interaction between research projects and relevant technological infrastructures 
  • Funding of cross-project activity, open-ended deadline

Innovation and industry collaboration

Coordinators: Alexandra Patriksson, and Beate Rygg Johnsen

  • Innovation support – develop a good idea further 
  • Assessment of project status and guide to “next steps” 
  • Support in developing a regulatory strategy 
  • Support on contacting TTO, relevant DLN projects and networks   
  • Support on business model strategy 
  • Support on funding schemes 
  • Training programs supporting innovation and commercialisation processes
  • Innovation funding, open-ended deadline

Responsible research and innovation (RRI)

Coordinator: Anders Braarud Hanssen,

Combine several fields

You may also contact several coordinators to get support from several fields.

Reference – project with support from both data management innovation and industry collaboration: SmartSoil

Others support related to communications, events and administration will also be available for you if you work with the coordinators on any of these fields. 

Financial support from the centre

Cross-project activities

The possibility of harvesting synergies between the various sets of expertise within the centre's research projects is one of the benefits of being part of the centre. To stimulate this, we have made available resources to support cross-project activities. Examples of such activities could be exchange of competence, methods, small pilot projects, workshops, research visits etc. This is also a good opportunity to involve researchers and postdocs in the project. 

Open-ended deadline. Read more about the funding of cross-project activities


The centre's research projects can apply for financial support for activities necessary to progress in the innovation process of the projects, such as: business idea scouting and/or definition, market validation, customer exploration, business modelling, partner search, development of research-based advice to practitioners or policy-makers etc. The funding can be used for hiring external expertise or for costs related to traveling to meet with potential customers, users, partners etc. 

Open-ended deadline. Read more about the innovation funding.

Event support

DLN projects are invited to apply for funds for financing various events.

Open-ended deadline. Read more about the event support.

Data management

DLN supports data management according to the FAIR principles. This includes secure management of sensitive data. We have strengthened our work and support on data management, and hope the DLN projects will use this opportunity for support and advise on how to improve their data management. We have now set aside funding to support projects on data management.

Application deadline: 1 December 2020. Read more about the support for data management

Relevant calls from others

The Research Council of Norway 

The Novo Nordisk Foundation

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