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Digitalization speeds up business development

Centre for Digital Life Norway has in collaboration with Menon Economics conducted a thorough analysis of the Digital Biotech marked in Norway, presented in the report “Digital Biotech in Norway – Opportunities for value creation, competence needs, and challenges in business development”. (Norwegian). The actors experience that digital biotech is necessary to foster future value creation and business development. However, more competence and stronger collaboration are needed. The main findings can be summarized into the following:

  • Digitalization may reduce extensive development tracks and the relatively high development costs in the biotech sector.
  • Speeding up development and reducing time to market increases access to risk capital. 
  • Digitalization may speed up data gathering and analysis, increase knowledge, increase production efficiency, and improve product quality.  
  • Digital oriented biotech companies have fewer challenges in relation to innovation and commercialization compared to the more biological oriented companies.  

On the basis of these findings, we wish to integrate digital and biotechnological competence, and contribute to a change of pace within biotech research and innovation development.  

We will support competence building among the actors and stimulate to collaboration across academia and businesses, across different branches and parts of the biotechnology sector, together with business clusters and relevant stakeholders. 

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