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Open call for new members with deadline 14. June, 2019.

Open call for project membership

The centre aims to be an inclusive platform for transdisciplinary and responsible biotechnological research and innovation in Norway. To broaden our thematic coverage in biotechnology and increase our interdisciplinarity, we invite external projects with similar profiles to become part of our network and centre. The application for project membership has deadline 14. June, 2019.

The applicant project must be aligned with the ambition of DLN to build a fundament of transdisciplinary biotechnological research and innovation in Norway. This shift will strengthen our capabilities to exploit our advantages and address our societal challenges to create economic, societal and environmental values. The centre has activities within all four thematic areas in biotechnology; marine, agriculture, medicine and industry.

What are the benefits of a DLN partner project?

The partner projects will be part of the centre to the same extent as existing DLN projects. This means participation in the project leader forum, access to the network meetings, presentation of the project in our communication channels and in the annual report. In addition, the partner projects will have access to support functions and centre activities related to innovation, RRI, data management, modelling and infrastructures. It is expected that the partner projects contribute to synergies with the networking project and research projects in the centre. Partner projects will be eligible to apply for funding for events and activities to the same extent as existing projects.


The application procedure for DLN partner project is simple and requires only to use the online application form. The applications will be evaluated in the centre leader group and their conclusions approved by the board.

Relevant documents

The RCN strategy document ”Digital Life – Convergence for Innovation

The RRI framework

The following criteria must be fulfilled

  1. The project is directed towards a challenge with relevance to the society where the use of biotechnology is part of the solution and that is guided by the principles of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI). Possible interaction points on RRI with the centre must be exemplified.
  2. The project includes, as an integral and central part, the application or development of computational methods or theoretical and experimental modelling approaches from mathematics, computer science, physics or engineering, where these approaches are developed by incorporating or applying biological/medical concepts and observations.
  3. The project must have an ambition to contribute on innovation/value creation.
  4. The project must; be own by an institution that has research and innovation as part of their activity; have established and time-limited funding. Approved applicant projects must approve to the centre Terms of Reference.

Business network

Organiations from businesses where Digital Biotechnology is relevant are welcome to join the business network of The Centre for Digital Life Norway (DLN). Eligible organisations can be from the entire innovation chain from TTO’s to investment companies.

Members of DLN's business network will receive relevant information and invitations to our events aimed at the biotech industry.

[2] DLN define Digital Biotechnology as the use of digital tools on biotechnological datasets to extract and process useful information. Digital Biotechnology may be used in research and development production or services. Examples of applications are sensor technology, screening and bio prospecting, use of patient and health registers, production data from the likes of biological pharmaceuticals, food production, aquaculture, systems biology, simulations or predications of biological systems.

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