Join artists and scientists for an evening of exploration and discussion, where we will debate how to optimize the future!

The golden age of the oil economy is coming to an end, while bioeconomy emerges as an alternative for Norway’s economic, social and environmental future. Salmon, cod, microbes, enzymes and other living systems are ‘optimized’ through digital modelling towards innovative market products. But is such optimization actually optimal? Optimal for whom? What does bioeconomy actually mean? Is it a good alternative?

You are invited to:

  • create and taste a new national dish for Norway based on your values and ideas for the future,
  • try your hand at bioprospecting and experience a proposal for a new National flag
  • explore maps that radically re-imagine Norway and the world,
  • participate in a live talk show and join the discussion about Norway’s future bioeconomy.


Information about the event

  • Time:
    04. — 04. Apr 2019
  • Place:
    Teknisk Museum, Oslo
  • Event type:
    Eksternt arrangement


Ana Delgado


#Eksternt arrangement #External event