Focus on Metabolic Systems

The network meetings “Methodologies for Digital Life” is an arena where researchers from different disciplines can meet and discuss novel methodological approaches in the field of digital biotechnology. This can be application of physics, mathematics, statistics, computation or engineering to assess, control or understand biological systems. These meetings are open for all interested and are organized by the Centre for Digital Life Norway (DLN).

The focus of this meeting is on metabolic systems. Understanding the metabolism of living organisms opens up many possibilities for biotechnological applications – for understanding human health, for production of biomaterials and for understanding ecosystems important for our existence. Part of the meeting will be focused on modeling of metabolic systems, where also some of the DLN projects will present their activities on this subject.

The program will include oral presentations of selected poster abstracts.

More information will follow soon.

Volterra lecture[1] by Prof. Bernhard Palsson

As part of the meeting Palsson (UCSD) will be giving a lecture on global scale modeling of metabolism. Palsson’s group has been leading the development of full scale models of metabolism and methodologies for integrating global scale or high throughput data with such models.

[1] The Volterra lecture series is organized by DLN in honor of the mathematician and physicist Vito Volterra, known for his pioneering contributions to mathematical biology.

Information about the event

  • Time:
    06. — 06. Oct 2017
  • Place:
  • Event type:
    Methodologies for Digital Life
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