Artificial Intelligence breakfast seminar with DLN and NORA

Professor Arnoldo Frigessi at Faculty of Medicine, UiO will be talking about Artificial Intelligence and medicine - with examples and critical thoughts.

Frigessi has developed innovative stochastic models that try to carefully represent fundamental principles, basic dynamics, intricate patterns of dependence and mechanisms of the system to be understood or predicted. Currently, his collaborations are in cancer genomics, psychiatry, veterinary science, infectious diseases, but also in finance, insurance and climate research. He is also the director of the Norwegian centre for research based innovation "Statistics for Innovation", which is funded by the Norwegian Research Council and hosted at Norsk regnesentral.

Time: 08:00-09:30 AM
Location: Realfagsbiblioteket Informatics, Ole Johan Dahls hus, UiO

There will be served coffee and breakfast at the seminar. No registration is required.

This event will also initiate NORA and DLN's series of breakfast seminars about artificial intelligence.

Information about the event

  • Time:
    07. — 07. Feb 2020
  • Place:
    Realfagsbiblioteket Informatics, Ole Johan Dahls hus, UiO
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