Membership in Digital Life Norway Research School is open to all PhD students and postdoctors at a Norwegian institution who feels that their project is related to digital biotechnology and life sciences. You can be a member of several research schools simultaneously, and there are no obligations to being a member.

It is not required that your project is part of the Centre for Digital Life Norway.

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Once you are accepted as a member of Digital Life Norway Research School, all our offers are available to you:

  • PhD courses
  • Travel- and accommodation grants
  • Annual conference
  • Workshops in transferable skills
  • Summer schools
  • Updates on relevant events through newsletters

Other researchers, supervisors, course organizers, etc. are welcome to register for our newsletter in order to receive regular updates on our activities and offers.

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Åpen utlysning om medlemskap i senteret med frist 14. juni, 2019.

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