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Digital Life Norway Research School offers courses and workshops which are accessible to candidates from all institutions nation-wide, and are organized with the purpose of enabling travelling participants to attend. Members who wish to attend these courses can apply for travel grants in order to have travel- and accommodation costs and course fees (where applicable) covered from the research school.

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IP seminar: Patenting and publishing - the whys and howsBergen28 January
Prokaryote molecular biology and synthetic biologyTrondheim6-8 February
27 February-1 March
Registration deadline: 1 February
Health innovation and entrepreneurshipOslo
6-8 February
27-29 March
24-26 April
Registration is closed
Creating scientific illustrationsBergen11-15 February
Registration is closed
Scientific writing workshopTrondheim18-20 February
Registration deadline: 20 January
Correlative light and electron microscopyTromsø4-15 March
Registration is closed
Collaborative research software developmentBergen5-8 + 11-14 March
Registration deadline: 3 February
Advanced light microscopy and image processingOsloApril + October
Sandwich course - experimental techniques in drug discoveryBergenSpring
Control engineering concepts in systems and synthetic biologyStavangerMay
3rd annual conference of Digital Life Norway Research SchoolBekkjarvik4-6 June
Simula summer school in computational physiologyOslo
San Diego, US
17-28 June
5-13 August
Application deadline: 15 February
2 travel grants available

Fish under stress - systems biology & mathematical modelingRunde, Sunnmøre24-28 June
Registration opens soon
'Pic' up your game - how to make those figures rock your scienceTrondheim23-26 September
Scientific writing workshopBergen14-16 October
My first model - Mathematical and computational modeling for life scientistsBergen
Metabolomics: Methods and applicationsTrondheimOctober + November
Computational neuroscienceÅsOctober + November
Metabolic pathway analysisTrondheimFall
How to manage your research data and make them FAIRBergenFall
Foundational aspects of modelling living systemsBergenFall

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The following events have in 2018 either been organized by the research school, received financial support from the research school, or members have received travel grants in order to attend the events.

EventLocationDates 2018
Modelling living systems - From foundational problems to applicationsTrondheim11-12 December
Centre for Innovative Ultrasound Solutions (CIUS) fall conferenceTrondheim27-28 November
Ensuring new antibiotics for the futureTrondheim13 November
Getting your hands-on data managementOslo6-7 November
4th annual Trondheim MRI seminar and ISMRM Nordic chapter meetingTrondheim24-25 October
NorMIC workshop on scientific image processingOslo23-26 October
Lean innovation workshopOslo17-18 October
Ultrasound imagingTrondheim15-19 October
19-21 November
Computational neuroscienceÅs1-5 October
12-16 November
Scientific writing courseOslo1-3 October
Young study group for systems biology (YSGSB) workshop +
International study group for systems biology (ISGSB) meeting
Sommarøy23-28 September
Logical modeling for experimental design in current and future biotechnology and biomedicineTrondheim20-31 August
Simula summer school in computational physiologyOslo
San Diego
18-29 June
9-17 August
37 ºC Life Science technology & business conferenceStavanger19-20 June
Science, technology, and society: RRI course Digital Life NorwayTrondheim
11-13 April
18-20 June
Comparative morphology methodsTrondheim9-16 June
The 2nd annual conference of Digital Life Norway Research SchoolStiklestad30 May -1 June
Biotech industry career daysTrondheim29-30 May
NorMIC Workshop on Biological Optical MicroscopyOslo24-27 April
Health innovation and entrepreneurshipOslo
7-9 February
21-23 March
18-20 April
DigitalLife 2018Bergen20-21 March
Scientific writing workshopBergen5-7 March
Science communication courseBergen24-26 January


The following events have in 2017 either been organized by the research school, received financial support from the research school, or members have received travel grants in order to attend the events. 

EventLocationDates 2017
IPR-seminarOslo28 November
Metabolomics: Methods and ApplicationsTrondheim27-28 September
25-26 October
Metabolic Pathway AnalysisTrondheim30 October - 3 November
PhD Supervisor WorkshopÅre, Sweden18-20 October
Methodologies for Digital Life - Focus on metabolic systemsBergen6 October
Optical NanoscopyTromsø25 September - 6 October
Tromsø PET SeminarTromsø21-22 September
Modeling Living Systems - From Foundational Problems to ApplicationsBergen7-8 September
Network Biology/Integromics Bioinformatics - Applications Towards MedicineBergen23-25 August
Fish Toxicology in silicoKristineberg, Sweden14-19 August
Oslo Summer School in Responsible Research and InnovationOslo31 July - 4 August
Simula Summer School in Computational PhysiologyOslo
San Diego, US
19-30 June
7-15 August
Scientific Writing WorkshopOslo26-28 June
Getting Your Hands-On Data ManagementBergen8-9 May
Simula ComPh Modeling WeekOslo20-24 March
Young Researchers Day - The 1st Annual Conference of Digital Life Norway Research SchoolOslo19 March

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