Annual Conference

3rd annual conference of Digital Life Norway Research School

A conference for and by members of the research school.


4-6 June, 2019


Bekkjarvik Gjestgiveri
(outside Bergen)


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Registration deadline: 11 April

Registration and participation require that you also submit a short bio (networking purposes) and a version your CV (for the workshop). You will find instructions in the forms:

Submit bio      Submit CV

Bio and CV deadline: 30 April.


  • Personal development: Branding yourself, work on your own CV
  • Stress management and interpersonal communication
  • Essentials of innovation and intellectual property
  • Meet new friends and future colleagues!

Preliminary program

Tuesday 4 June: Self-made (wo)man

12:15 Boat transport from Bergen
12:40 Boat transport from Bergen airport
Innovation: Inspiration and how-to
Ice-breaker and social activities

Wednesday 5 June: Personal development

Workshop on job application and CV building
How to promote yourself
Image competition
Social activities

Thursday 6 June: Lost in translation

Stress management
Communication in the lab
14:00 Boat transport back to Bergen (arrival 15:50) and Bergen airport (arrival 16:00 the latest)

Confirmed speakers

Aurora Martinez

How to transition from research results to a company
Aurora Martinez is the leader of the Biorecognition group, studying the relation between biomolecular structure and function to understand and develop new therapeutic options for genetic diseases. She is one of the founders of Pluvia, working to commercialize research on protein structure and protein misfolding in the treatment of multiple rare diseases. She will share her experiences on innovation, and what it takes to bring science closer to reality.

Sverre Haugen

Workshop on job application and CV
Sverre Haugen has extensive experience in recruitment strategies, employer branding, and counseling of job applicants. He currently works for MeyerHaugen Recruitment and Counseling, and published ‘Handbook for job applicants’ in 2016. Sverre will facilitate a workshop on job application strategies and CV-building during the conference, where participants will get specific tips on how to succeed when applying for jobs, in addition to feedback on their own CVs.

Jan Martin Berge

How to cope with stress during your PhD/postdoc
Interpersonal communication in the lab
Jan Martin Berge is a clinical psychologist with specialization in industrial/occupational psychology and cognitive therapy. He has worked several years in the public and the private sector, and he is an experienced speaker and course teacher. His own brand, ‘Academic standup’, has been developed using his expertise and humor to facilitate learning. 

Anne-Sophie Schillinger/VIS innovation

Need-to-know about innovation for young researchers
VIS (former Bergen Technology Transfer Office) works to develop innovation and commercialization of research in the Bergen region. Anne-Sophie Schillinger will share the VIS expertise on how to bring your research results to the market, focusing on principles and objectives relevant to young researchers at the beginning of their scientific careers.

Scientific image exhibition and competition

All participants at the conference are encouraged to join the scientific image exhibition and competition. The image competition gives you a unique opportunity to present your work in a new format, as it is only your own creativity setting the limits. Your contribution can be artsy or realistic, colourful or black-and-white, at system- or nano-level. We encourage participants from all corners of biotechnology to contribute, as the diversity will only make it more interesting. The images will be exhibited throughout the conference, and the winner is selected through a vote among all participants.

The prize for best scientific image is NOK 5000. The submission deadline is 13 May.

More information and instructions for the image competition

Submit your image here

Practical matters

The conference is organized for and by members of the research school. If you are not a member yet, you need to apply for membership in advance. The research school is open to PhD students and postdoctors who feels that their project is related to digital biotechnology and life sciences.


The research school covers all costs (travel, accommodation, food) for all participants. When you receive the information e-mail for the conference (after the registration deadline has passed), you will need to book your own flight/train tickets. The research school takes care of boat and bus transportation for all (detailed information in the information e-mail). You will be reimbursed after the event.


We have the entire Bekkjarvik Gjestgiveri at our disposal. You will be accommodated mainly in double rooms or apartments, you can indicate any preferred room/apartment-mates in the registration form. The hotel is located in the middle of Bekkjarvik centre, close to the harbor, beaches, and shops. It is also worth mentioning that the hotel chefs are winners of the Bocuse d'Or in 2015 and the Norwegian Chef of the Year 2014.

Scientific committee

Eric Juskewitz, PhD candidate, UiT - The Arctic University of Norway
Kanhaiya Kumar, postdctor, NTNU
Marte Jenssen, PhD candidate, UiT- The Arctic University of Norway
Shahin Sarowar, PhD candidate, UiB
Zeeshan Muhammad, postdoctor, UiB


Please contact the coordinator, Liv E. Falkenberg: 

  • 2018
  • 2017


The 2nd annual conference of Digital Life Norway Research School


30 May - 1 June, 2018


Stiklestad, Trøndelag

Read the blog about the conference


Scientific communication: How to present your research

Focus on transdisciplinary and visual scientific communication.
Oral presentations by all participants!

The future: Will your research make an impact?

The societal consequences of your research, innovation, and trends in biotech.
Combined with the Biotech industry career day!


Ellen Jorgensen (Biotech Without Borders, US)
Ryan Bailey (University of Michigan, US)
Trygve Brautaset (NTNU; Centre for Digital Life Norway)
Srikant Sarangi (Centre for Academic and Professional Communication, NTNU; Aalborg University, DK)
Ole Andreas Alsos (NTNU) & Sofie Snipstad (NTNU)
Mildri Ryan (Professional actress, teacher, and director)
Raffael Himmelsbach (NTNU; Centre for Digital Life Norway)

Full program 2018

Scientific Committee 

Nina Bjørk Arnfinnsdottir
Maria Bårdsen Hesjedal
Agnieszka Gawin


The 1st annual conference of Digital Life Norway Research School

Young Researchers Day


19 March 2017


Blindern campus, University of Oslo

The 1st annual conference of Digital Life Norway Research School was held in connection with DigitalLife 2017, the annual conference of Centre for Digital Life Norway. The main aim this day was for the first members to get to know each other and each other’s projects. The program included blitz presentations from all the participants on their projects, in addition to reflections on career development and responsible research and innovation. There was also information about the research school and offers available to the members.


During DigitalLife 2017, all participants at the Young Researchers Day presented their latest results or projects with posters or oral presentations.


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Åpen utlysning om medlemskap i senteret med frist 16. mai, 2019.

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