Annual Conference

3rd annual conference of Digital Life Norway Research School


4-6 June, 2019


Bekkjarvik Gjestgiveri
(outside Bergen)


Opens early February 2019


This conference is organized for and by research school members, and the scientific committee is currently working on the program. The preliminary program will be announced early February 2019. The main focus of the conference will, like always, be scientific and social networking between the research school members. All costs (travel, accommodation, food, etc.) will be covered by the research school.

Scientific committee

Eric Juskewitz, PhD candidate, UiT - The Arctic University of Norway
Kanhaiya Kumar, postdctor, NTNU
Kathleen Heck, PhD candidate, NTNU
Marte Jenssen, PhD candidate, UiT- The Arctic University of Norway
Shahin Sarowar, PhD candidate, UiB
Zeeshan Muhammad, postdoctor, UiB


Please contact the coordinator, Liv E. Falkenberg: 

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The 2nd annual conference of Digital Life Norway Research School


30 May - 1 June, 2018


Stiklestad, Trøndelag

Read the blog about the conference


Scientific communication: How to present your research

Focus on transdisciplinary and visual scientific communication.
Oral presentations by all participants!

The future: Will your research make an impact?

The societal consequences of your research, innovation, and trends in biotech.
Combined with the Biotech industry career day!


Ellen Jorgensen (Biotech Without Borders, US)
Ryan Bailey (University of Michigan, US)
Trygve Brautaset (NTNU; Centre for Digital Life Norway)
Srikant Sarangi (Centre for Academic and Professional Communication, NTNU; Aalborg University, DK)
Ole Andreas Alsos (NTNU) & Sofie Snipstad (NTNU)
Mildri Ryan (Professional actress, teacher, and director)
Raffael Himmelsbach (NTNU; Centre for Digital Life Norway)

Full program 2018

Scientific Committee 

Nina Bjørk Arnfinnsdottir
Maria Bårdsen Hesjedal
Agnieszka Gawin


The 1st annual conference of Digital Life Norway Research School

Young Researchers Day


19 March 2017


Blindern campus, University of Oslo

The 1st annual conference of Digital Life Norway Research School was held in connection with DigitalLife 2017, the annual conference of Centre for Digital Life Norway. The main aim this day was for the first members to get to know each other and each other’s projects. The program included blitz presentations from all the participants on their projects, in addition to reflections on career development and responsible research and innovation. There was also information about the research school and offers available to the members.


During DigitalLife 2017, all participants at the Young Researchers Day presented their latest results or projects with posters or oral presentations.


Bli en del av senteret

Forsknings- og innovasjonsprosjekter kan bli en del av senteret direkte via utlysninger i Forskningsrådets program Bioteknologi for Verdiskapning (BIOTEK2021), eller gjennom søknad om partnerskap.

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