Vacant PhD position with Artificial Pancreas Trondheim


The APT research group (Artificial Pancreas Trondheim) and Department of Engineering Cybernetics, NTNU, currently have a vacant PhD position within Meal Detection by Analysis of Bowel Sounds. Applications are to be submitted through JobbNorge and the deadline is 1 May 2019.

This PhD project aims to analyse recorded sounds from the upper body (mostly targeted at the intestines/bowel) in order to detect meals in patients with diabetes. The recorded sound will also be combined with continuous glucose sensor data and motion data in order to achieve larger robustness to e.g. ambient noise. The equipment is being built by SINTEF, but the PhD candidate will be involved in the design. Methods may include sensor fusion, calculation of time/frequency domain features, pattern recognition and machine learning. The APT group has access to facilities, staff and other necessary resources for acquisition of data from healthy people and diabetes patients, and the candidate will be involved in the planning and conduction of such experiments as part of a larger experienced team.


Øyvind Stavdahl



Anders Lyngvi Fougner

Tlf: 97158863


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