The present and future of bioprospecting in Norway (postponed, new dates soon)

Digital Life Norway and the Res Publica Project to host a workshop on the present and future of bioprospecting in Norway

(The event has been postponed due to a scheduling conflict. New dates to be communicated soon.)

We invite to a one-day workshop on the scientific, political and legal complexities of bioprospecting. The discovery of novel compounds in nature is of key importance for the development of the Norwegian bioeconomy. Digital methods for bioprospecting open up extensively new opportunities for biodiscovery, but they also come with new challenges for scientific research and existing legal frameworks. In this workshop we discuss such challenges in order to start exploring possible solutions.

Informasjon om arrangementet

  • Tidspunkt:
    09. — 09. Aug 2019
  • Sted:
    TIK- Centre for Technology, Innovation and Culture -University of Oslo
  • Arrangement:
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Ana Delgado