Technologies for Digital Life - Metabolomics

What are the available infrastructures and core facilities for metabolomics and metabolic analysis in Norway? How about available services for data analysis, bioinformatics and modelling of metabolic systems?

The meeting will gather local and national expertise on data generating and data analysis technologies within metabolomics and metabolic analysis. In addition, specialized users towards the more digital/quantitative modelling application of metabolomics and metabolic analysis will participate. The intention is to get an overview of existing infrastructures and services and to discuss possible gaps and needs to address to improve services within this field in Norway.

If you are interested in participating - contact;

Informasjon om arrangementet

  • Tidspunkt:
    19. — 19. Nov 2019
  • Sted:
    Radisson Blu Hotel, Trondheim airport, Værnes
  • Arrangement:
    Technologies for Digital Life


Rune Kleppe


Technologies for Digital Life