NorMIC Workshop on Microscopy Image Processing

A workshop tailored to biologists who have been working with microscopes, but do not have much experience with image processing.

The workshop consists of both theory lectures (morning), and practical sessions (afternoon). The morning lectures will be open to public, and the practical session will be restricted to workshop registrants. By this end of this workshop, participants should be able to understand the key concepts in image processing, write scripts to automate simple image processing tasks, and hopefully have met future collaborators in image processing and the creation of sophisticated algorithms.

More information and registration

This event is sponsored by Digital Life Norway Research School.
All members of the research school can attend for free if you apply for a travel grant.

Informasjon om arrangementet

  • Tidspunkt:
    22. — 25. Oct 2019
  • Sted:
  • Arrangement:
Forskerskolen Konferanse / Workshop