Digital Life Innovation Day

This year's innovation day is part of the Life science Technology & Business Conference - "37°- Digitalising Health", 19 - 20 June 2018, Stavanger, Norway.

In collaboration with the 37°-initiative we will focus on Digitalising Health by facilitating the following parts of the program:

Panel: In silico medicine – digitalising clinical trials

Workshop: What does it take to accelerate innovation within biotech and life science and how can digitalization be a facilitator?

Plenary: Incentivising researchers to commercialise new inventions

Panel: Are new antibiotics the solution to the AMR threat?

The full program encompass several sessions, for more information and registration go to the Conference website

Informasjon om arrangementet

  • Tidspunkt:
    19. — 20. Jun 2018
  • Sted:
    Stavanger Forum
  • Arrangement:


Industri Helse Konferanse Konferanse / Workshop