Course in Science Communication

An essential part of being a researcher is to communicate your research ideas and findings – providing society with new knowledge and directions for future solutions. But how to do this successfully? And how do you reach the right target groups?

Digital Life Norway Research School, in collaboration with other national research schools, offer our members a three-day course from Wednesday 24 January to Friday 26 January. Each day will be filled with inspiring lectures, practical exercises, group discussion and workshops as well as sessions for individual feedback on how you present your research ideas and messages. All participants will be asked to hold a 5-minutes oral presentation of their research project on Day 3.

You will learn how to
  • Communicate your research and scientific field to different target groups
  • Use your voice and body language to convey your message in oral presentations
  • Use a selection of visualisation techniques and methods to make complex research data understood by a wide range of audiences
  • Use basic tools to translate your research into a digital illustration
  • Find suitable approaches on how to receive and give feedback
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Informasjon om arrangementet

  • Tidspunkt:
    24. — 26. Jan 2018
  • Sted:
    University of Bergen
  • Arrangement:


Liv Eggset Falkenberg
+47 918 29 187


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